January 24, 2022


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What are some Ways to Train a Guard Dog

Need personal protection or to protect your property a guard dog or a watchdog can be your best companion. Although a family dog will naturally think to protect his family members in any unpleasant or unsuitable situation. But owning a guard dog means you have complete security and a 100% guarantee that your dog will protect you, and warn you whenever he sees a stranger or an intruder in the house.

People get a guard dog specifically for this purpose to have complete safety around them as well as around the house. Do not get confused between a guard dog or an attack dog and in the majority of the cases, people bring an attack dog instead. The purpose of a guard dog is to provide you safety whereas an attack dog is the one that usually police own.

At this point, you need to understand the difference and the purposes of the two, to make a good decision. Now that you have a guard dog, so it is time to provide him proper training. As with other dogs, the guard also needs proper training to let you know about the alarming situation.

Both professional, as well as personal training, will be helpful to train your guard dog. Training your dog on your own has now become easier as a variety of training tools and guidance is available for dog owners. Some experts suggest training a guard dog using a dog collar, but is this worth it?

Training a Guard Dog Using a Dog Collar

Usually, dog owners claim that using a dog collar for training is more helpful and easier. As some training dog collars are designed uniquely only to train the dogs. They have sensors and allow you to control your dog with remote control.

Some of the dog collars have a shocking or electronic sensor that will stop your dog from anything wrong. But before buying such collars it is very important to read some of the top shock collars reviews to get a better idea about the safety of your dog’s health. Shock training for a dog can be fatal and can leave some serious health issues on your dog’s health.

Always look for the safest options to train your dog whether it is a guard dog, an attack dog, or a normal pet dog. Although it is possible to train your dog using a remote-control dog collar again you have to look for the safest options. You can find a variety of options in dog collars as well that are specifically designed for this purpose. Some contain vibration sensors or a sharp noise, which at the same time work the best to stop your dog from something wrong but it is the safest option to some extent.

Some Helpful Tips to Train a Guard Dog

Some people do not like using a dog collar as they think it is inhumane behavior to train your dog with something that allows them to experience pain. So, for those some helpful tips to train your guard dog are:

· Train Your Dog to Bark at an Alarming Situation

The purpose of a guard dog is to let you know about an uncertain or alarming situation. So, the very first training is to make your dog understand when to bark. Some dogs especially the guard dogs have a natural intrinsic to bark on everything they see but it will not be going to be helpful. It is very important to train your dog to bark only when there is something suspicious.

· Make Use of Trigger Words or Commands

Something that can help you in this purpose is the use of a few commands or words. You can use words like “bark” or “warning” to let your dog understand it is the time. Some actions can also help him to understand such as putting your dog on a leash and tying it at a spot. Now bring your dog’s favorite treat closer to him and instantly take it away, as much you go away from your dog, he will be bark more but this time with a threatening sound.

· Test Your Dog’s Understanding

After the training process, it is the time for the actual test. You can test your dog in different ways, either seek help from a family member or you can also do it by yourself by changing your appearance. Seeing you in a different look or appearance, your dog will be going to bark to tell you that something is wrong.


Training a guard dog is of great importance because without training it will be of no use to keep a guard dog. Some training tips mentioned above will be useful for you to apply to your guard dog and teach him when to bark. If you are self-training your dog such tips will be more helpful and fulfill the purpose of owning a guard dog.