January 24, 2022


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How to Choose the Best Colored Contacts for Eyes

To wear colored contacts safely, you first need to know how to apply them correctly. You need to have the right type of equipment, as well as the right type of directions. Today’s contacts are designed to last longer than ever before, but there’s still no reason to cut corners. If you need a quick pick-me-up to get your hair up and going, you should always start with the best colored contacts for dark hair. Here are some quick tips to safely wear the best colored contacts for dark hair:

To apply colored contacts, you first want to give these few tips to help you safely ride out Halloween without hurting your eyes or damaging your contacts. So, make sure you follow these guidelines when applying: A full 24 hours before you wear, rinse and soak your new contacts in clear contact solution to make sure they’re ready to go. Don’t wait too long between rinsing. If you don’t, your colored contacts will become cloudy – which is the last thing you need during the scary, spooky Halloween season!

For those of you with brown eyes, you’ll want to pick the best colored contacts for dark brown eyes. The traditional Halloween colors for those with brown eyes are green, purple and black, but today you can find contacts in almost any color you could think of. If you have light brown eyes, you might want to opt for an orange or yellow colored contact lens. This is best for those who have natural dark brown eyes and want to have that Halloween ‘do’ without any permanent damage to their eyes.

Now, if you have black eyes, then you have two popular options: opaque and semi-opaque colored contacts. The great thing about opaque contacts is that they actually alter your eye color. By changing the color of your irises, you’ll get a completely different look than you’d get with just normal contacts. Semi-opaque contacts are great if you just want to enhance your natural eye color – and they blend in very nicely with your skin tone.

If you have brown eyes and have naturally darker skin, you may want to choose the black-hued lenses. These are a bit trickier because you actually want to choose a black lens with a gray color contacts frame – and lighten up the other side of the grey lens to make it match the rest of your natural eye color. A really great trick to remember is to use a natural light source as your reference. Some examples of this would be going out in the garden at sunset, standing under a full moon of light, or even looking through a magnifying glass.

If you have naturally dark eyes, you can still find great looking black-hued contact lenses that will enhance your eye color. One great example would be using the Geoxtra lenses, which have a soft blue tint to them. There are also some cool black-rimmed Geo-FX contacts that are made with a grey tinge to them. Whatever your eye shade, there are sure to be a pair of lenses that will be a perfect fit for you. For more information visit here https://ventsmagazine.com/2019/10/09/preventing-dry-eyes/