January 24, 2022


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Secret behind the success of Shining star of social media

The revolution of social media has brought a huge change to society. Social media platforms have also allowed people to gain success and a name. Kenza boutrif model is also such a name. She started her career on the platform of Instagram. At the age of 13, she started to post her pictures. Since childhood, she has had great insight and an understanding of fashion. She took deep care of her passion and pursue it. It also helped her in grooming her skills and fashion sense. Along with her school, she also gave her sweat and blood in posting her stylish pictures on Instagram.

Admiration of her work:

She got a positive response for her work. Due to her hard work, she has managed to have up to 700000 followers on Instagram. All of them love and admire her natural skills. She has a unique persona. Her optimistic approach has also compelled the other youngsters to work hard. Also, handling such huge followers is not an easy task. She also manages to come up with new styles and fulfills the expectation of her followers. This indicates her ability to work under pressure.

Smart use of the lockdown:

Since the start of this pandemic, most of the professions have seen the downfall. Kenza Bourteif, being an active user of Instagram has used this time wisely. She has introduced the latest trends and styles on Instagram.  It has helped her to add to her professional career. This shows her commitment and enthusiasm toward her work. This has modified and polished her skills and abilities.

Overcoming the obstacles:

Using social media is not without challenges. Although your supporters support you, haters also try to pull you down. She started the Instagram page at the young of 13. Even, at that young age, she managed all the issues wisely. In addition to that,she also focused attention on her progress and future. This is such an inspirational story for all of the newcomers. She takes inspiration from Rihanna. She says that her journey has always compelled her to do more.

Successful projects and opportunities:

The importance of social media is paramount. Instagram made her known to all famous brands and companies. Now, at the age of 19, she is working with renowned brands. They include the ASOS brand. This is such a huge platform that will open up new avenues of success for her.

Role model for youngsters:

Kenza Boutrif fashion model moved to London from her hometown of Belgium. She learned English and got herself adjusted in the city. Now she is slaying North London with her styles and fashion.

Nowadays every teenager uses social media. A lot of teenage girls look up to her work and struggle. It will also create a sense of passion in them. They can also follow her journey. It will prove helpful for them in getting their aims and objectives. Her work is a fresh and genuine addition to social media. This is the reason people have connected with her so easily and quickly.