January 19, 2022


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Each And Everything About Alcohol Sanitizer Wipes

Thanks to the COVID-19 as cleaning wipes are getting massive attention. Previously, people used to wait for the restock of their favorite dresses, beauty products and shoe range. But, now the attention has been divided towards the cleaning essentials such as alcohol sanitizer wipes andtoilet papers. Sanitizing wipes lie beneath the umbrella of “handy and must-have accessories.” They are considered to wipe off 99.9% of germs to protect users from deadly corona and other viruses.

As most of the sanitizers known to come in gel or spray form but wipes is the on-the-go option. Alcohol based sanitizing wipes can be used to wipe of germs from surfaces like door knobs, windows, gadgets, shopping carts and cell phones. Users who are looking for no-mess approach can easily rely on the wipes to keep their essentials germ-free. They are available in both single use and multi-packs. The high levels of alcohol are wipes are essential to deactivate or kill viruses.

Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend using sanitizing wipes which contain 70% of alcohol. Rubbing sanitizing wipe over hand doubles its benefit by killing microbes and by removing dirt and grease.


  • Alcohol sanitizer wipesare proven to destroy 99.99% of germs.
  • Moisturizer enriched formula helps in moisturizing the skin.
  • Sanitizing wipes aid in the minimization of risk of cross contamination of germs.
  • Above all, they are ready to use and take no time to wipe off germs.
  • Most sanitizing wipes come with 60-70% of alcohol, which is the recommended range to kill viruses and to keep users healthy.
  • The variety of wipes is free of fragrance and parabens which is why they are safe for infants and toddlers.
  • Best option to avail in hospitals, commercial offices, food preparation area, checkout points, institutes, day care facilities and anywhere good hygiene is required.
  • Wipes improve skin health and maintains hygiene throughout.


  • Over-usage can lead to dry and cracked skin.
  • Leaving packaging of wipes unopened can dry out them.